Twitter Reacts To Apple’s iOS7 Update

Apple calls it “the mobile OS from a whole new perspective”.

iOS 7, the most radical update to Apple‘s mobile operating system since the iPhone was first launched in 2007, has been released worldwide. Since being not up to date with something Apple releases is a socio-techno death sentence, Apple‘s servers were swamped with people trying to download the update overnight, causing delays or straight-up failure of the installation for many customers.

Those who have managed to update their software have praised some new features, like the ability to block contacts, the built-in photo filters and square-frame photo option (because the world needs way, way more of that sort of thing), but frowning at needing to delete photos and apps to create space for the update, and the diminished battery life. Reactions to the aesthetic design have been mixed, with some users applauding the simplistic, minimal design, but others lamenting Apple’s colour choices.

Twitter users have had plenty to say about everything iOS7. Here are some of our favourites, aside from the mountain of Peter Griffin “Oh My God, Who The Hell Cares” memes, screenshots of progress bars and pants-wettingly hilarious Twitpics of Nokias, Razrs and other cellular relics captioned “Why won’t iOS7 install LOL”.

Lead image courtesy of Apple

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