Apple Announces New iPads, Mac Pros And OSX Mavericks At Autumn Event

Good news for lovers of all things shiny, new, and marginally better than the earlier version of the same thing you bought six months ago, as Apple‘s CEO Tim Cook has unveiled several new products at their Autumn event. The tech giant, hot on the heels of releasing the iPhones 5S and 5C, have introduced a new iPad Air, a Retina Display upgrade for the iPad Mini, the new high-end Mac Pro, updates to the MacBook Pro range and a free desktop operating system update. There was no groundbreaking “one other thing”, sadly, so there’ll be no iHoverboards, iTeleporters or iFlying iCars this year.

The iPad Air takes the place of its bigger brother in the iPad lineup, and comes in at 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the original. The iPad Mini now boasts a metric buttload of pixels in its crystal clear Retina Display, so your pirated episodes of Breaking Bad will have never looked better. Both versions are stronger, better, faster than previous models.

The new Mac Pro, Apple’s high-end desktop machine designed for graphics professionals is roughly as powerful as a small space station – and kind of looks like one, too. Its unique cylindrical design is one of the most radical cosmetic changes to an existing Apple product for years, and is probably the reason the Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since 2010. The new MacBook Pro range looks more or less the same, but boast the “Latest Processors, Faster Graphics & Longer Battery Life”. The iLife and iWork suites of applications now come free with all Macs.

The times must be a-changin’, because the other big announcement was the release today of OSX Mavericks, an upgrade to Apple’s desktop operating system, which will cost you absolutely nothing. The free update includes new desktop versions of mobile apps like Maps and iBooks, smaller aesthetic and functionality updates, and Apple even claim it will improve battery life. Mavericks, named after a surf break in near Apple’s headquarters in California, is the first OSX update in recent memory not to be named after a big cat. Given the experience of trying to download iOS7 for mobile devices at launch, we’d wait a little while before trying to get our hands on this one.

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