Ellen DeGeneres Will Host The Oscars 2014

Famous dancing lady and irrefutably, universally adored Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting the 86th annual Academy Awards. Yes, Academy. A thousand times YES. <3

Gurl who can’t get enough of Australia has an unspeakably simple act to follow, after last year’s intriguing affair involving Seth Macfarlane and a wait-this-isn’t-actually-funny-it’s-actually-just-insensitive-sexist-bullshit song about bewbs, there isn’t even a hint of a doubt that Ellen will nail this job and provide a memorable performance sans questionable, sexist references.

It’s a blissfully safe move put forward by the Academy, the widely demographic-pleasing Ellen will only ruffle tender, beating hearts, not critics’ feathers. As Vulture points out, placing Ellen as the host also heralds a sign of defeat at the Academy falling over themselves trying to secure a host to entice that ever elusive young male demographic (Seth Macfarlane, James Franco, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin in recent years), and giving in to a host that will do the ceremony right. 
DeGeneres is no stranger to hosting the biggest event in Hollywood—she did an exceptional, albeit slightly nervous job in 2006—and in 2001, after the Emmys were postponed twice due to the September 11 attacks, Ellen handled the difficult hosting situation flawlessly, joking with the perfect amount of serious coupled with let’s-rebuild humour, announcing, “What would upset the Taliban more than a gay woman wearing a suit in front of a room full of Jews?”

Just look at the legend work it as host of the Academy Awards in 2006. Bless:

Title photo by Kevin Winter via Getty.