Nicole Kidman is many things to many people. She’s Australian screen royalty, a BMX bandit, Tom Cruise’s nemesis and, most recently, the owner of a thoroughly beguiling clapping style. 

No, we didn’t think the way someone delivers applause could ever be a defining feature, but here we are, still pondering the rigid-handed attempt at clapping that Kidman delivered at the Academy Awards.

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres can’t stop thinking about it either. Despite touching on Kidman’s most recent smash success on Big Little Lies, DeGeneres still felt compelled to ask about that seal-esque clapping style. And Kidman rolled out a brand new excuse for it.

According to her, the finger-pointy action was the fault of “a weird lens”, a claim which was instantly debunked by DeGeneres. The host pointed out that, uh, the same visual oddity didn’t impact any of the other wildly famous humans around Kidman.

It was at that point that Kidman went to her fallback reasoning: a desire to protect the borrowed rocks adorning her phalanges.  She explained “It’s the Cinderella thing.

“You borrow these expensive jewels, and I’m like, ‘I must not damage these diamonds!’ ‘Cause I have to give them back at midnight.”

We were always under the impression that diamonds are notoriously hardy minerals, and DeGeneres felt the same way, encouraging Kidman to go ahead and clap like a regular pleb. The actor obliged, but damn, we’re sure we’ll see that idiosyncratic glad-handing again.

Cop the full chat below.

Source and photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.