Nicole Kidman Surprised Hollywood Sightseers With A Casual Pre-Oscars G’day

Anyone who’s ever been on one of those “All Access Hollywood” bus tours around the glitzy part of Los Angeles knows what people are in for when they step onto that windowless bus: A whiz down Rodeo Drive, a quick spin past the Playboy Mansion, maybe a look at somewhere like the rented house that Michael Jackson died in. Normal stuff. On Oscars day though, the chances of seeing something pretty rare increases dramatically. Something like, oh, y’know, Nicole Kidman.

Kidman was a surprise sight on a Hollywood tourist bus tour a short while ago, while “our” Nicole was on her way to prepare for the Academy Awards ceremony.

The Aussie Oscar winner just so happened to pull up alongside a tourist bus and decided to roll down the window and give ’em all a little thrill a bit earlier today, capturing the whole shebang on film for all of us stuck halfway around the world.

Definitely worth being yanked off of Hollywood Boulevard and giving US$40 to a bloke wearing a placard, that. A tour worth every penny.

‘Course while seeing Nicole Kidman is good, it pales in comparison to pulling up outside the house they used in external shots of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that is.