Turns Out The Meme Of Nicole Kidman Shooketh Beyond Comprehension Wasn’t Over Will Smith

nicole kidman oscars reaction will smith

You’ve seen the meme, I’ve seen the meme, we’ve all seen the goddamn meme. You know, the one of Nicole Kidman screaming in her chair? The one that everyone thinks was her massive reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock? Well turns out the pic was actually taken hours earlier.

Before we endeavour into who exactly Nicole Kidman was yelling at, let us look at the meme one last time before it’s ruined for us.

Wow she sure is getting startled by that slap, isn’t she?

Hoo boy, I sure hope that this meme isn’t actually Nicole Kidman reacting to seeing a friend in the industry or something.

That sure would suck, wouldn’t it friends?

Alright, no more being disillusioned by the internet and meme discourse. Nicole Kidman wasn’t reacting to the slap at all.

The pic was taken at the pre-Oscars ceremony where untelevised awards like Best Sound Design and Best Makeup and Hairstyling are filmed.

Pretty much nobody attends this part of the night, but Kidman chose to with her hubby Keith Urban.

Vulture journalist Rebecca Alter decided to call up the photographer of the Nicole pic Myung Chun to get to the bottom of this mystery. What is Nicole reacting to?

Jessica Chastain. Yes, sorry to burst your bubble. To be fair though I too would react like that if I saw Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain in the flesh.

Miss Chastain was also at the untelevised segment of the awards to support her The Eyes of Tammy Faye team who were nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Hey, they won, so it was good that she was there to support them.

Jessica and Nicole were both nominated for Best Actress this year. The award went to Jessica, but from the sounds of it all the nominees love each other. We love to see it.

Now that Vulture has cleared the air of mystery around this pic, new memes have rolled in about the origins of the pic being wrong. Oh, how memes evolve.

This next one is a joke by the way. I stared at it for way too long thinking it was real.

Now that this is all settled, let’s go and support these queens by watching Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime or The Eyes of Tammy Faye on Disney+.