The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy Got A $1000 Tip, Was A Real Pizza Delivery Guy

Best Supporting Pizza Delivery Guy in a mildly-successful Ellen Degeneres Oscars intermission bit that gifted Humanity with this picture of Brad Pitt’s Eating Pizza/Sex Face and co-owner of Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Hollywood (“Home Of The World’s Largest Pizza™”), Edgar, appeared on Ellen The Ellen Degeneres Show at some point in the last few hours to collect a $1000 tip for his goods and services and to regale America’s Moms with the story of how he became the most famous unwitting Academy Awards extra since Liza Minnelli’s Boundless Puppies.
“They told me I’m gonna just deliver for writers, and then when I was there they told me ‘just wait here’ and [Ellen] came out and said ‘just follow me’ and I’m going and [then] I’m on a stage. I was shocked. It was really crazy.”
Cue ‘you get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and you get to dance with merriment in the aisles of Ellen.’ 
Without doubt, this has been the most fruitful union of Pizza and Hollywood Hijinks since this:
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty