12 Easter Gift Ideas For Anyone Using This Holiday As A ‘Little Treat’ Occasion

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Friends, the glorious chocolate-filled day that is Easter is fast approaching, and we’re super excited to eat the milky good stuff at 6am on Sunday. However, if past Easters have left you with a bit of a dairy hangover (IBS girlies, rise up!), you might be asking the big bunnie for something a little less sweet. If it’s not you, then it’s a loved one who’s having a no-chocolate long weekend this year. So you’re probably looking for some Easter gift ideas to give as a ‘little treat’.

The good news is that we’ve gathered a dozen ‘little treat’ gift ideas from luxury pillows and fitness trackers to face masks, pyjamas and a good drop of gin, that should fill the chocolate-sized void in your weekend. Let’s hop to it, shall we?

The Best Easter Gift Ideas That Are Chocolate

Emma Sleep Hybrid Pillow

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

Honestly, I know giving someone a pillow sounds like a weird gift but think about it. Most people in their 20s are looking to spend as little as possible on a pillow when setting up their bedroom and the result is some cheap, nasty, limp pillow. So giving them a plush, cloud-like pillow is a true gift. Our pick is Emma Sleep’s Hybrid Pillow ($139.50, usually $279), it was designed for all sleepers and is currently on sale.

Loops Variety Pack

If your mate, mum, sister, brother, niece etc. would much rather receive an Easter gift that doesn’t have the potential to make them break out, then the Loops Variety Pack ($50) is a great choice of gift. The five-pack comes with a Sunrise Service Sheet Mask, a Clean Slate Sheet Mask, a Dream Sleep Sheet Mask, a Double Take Sheet Mask, and a Weekly Reset Sheet Mask.

Peter Alexander Floppy Bunny Bamboo Flannelette Classic Pj Set

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

With winter around the corner, giving the gift of flannel pyjamas is honestly a brilliant idea. And who makes better pjs than Peter Alexander?! This Floppy Bunny Bamboo Flannelette Classic PJ Set ($139) is particularly cute. It’s festive enough for Easter morning, but also cute enough to wear throughout the chillier months. Oh, and did we mention that they come in a men’s style too?!

35mm Co The Reloader

While giving the gift of a reusable film camera isn’t exactly Easter-themed, it is a great way to capture some memories over the long weekend and beyond. We’re obsessed with 35mm Co’s Reloader ($119.95) and can confirm that it’s a damn good gift idea.

Nike Calm Slide

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

A comfy pair of slides is always a good gift idea. Grab ’em some matching socks while you’re at it and you’re good to go. We’re quietly obsessed with these Nike Calm Slides ($49, usually $70).

Merchants Of The Sun The Sunwalker Signet Ring

We’d choose jewellery over chocolate anyway, so it only makes sense that some form of bling makes our gift list. Merchants of the Sun make some pretty beautiful unisex earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, like The Sunwalker Signet Ring ($155).

Frank Green Limited Edition Ceramic Reusable Bottle – 34oz / 1,000ml

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

Upgrade your loved one’s emotional support water bottle this Easter with one of Frank Green’s Ceramic Reusable Bottle’s ($59.95) new colourways. Chocolate brown water bottle over actual chocolates, always.

UGG Sheepskin Wool Ankle Platform Tazzy Slippers

Cosy Uggs for Easter? Yes, please! We love these Sheepskin Wool Ankle Platform Tazzy Slippers ($125, usually $210).

Raie Eyewear Rhode Black Sunglasses

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

Notice your loved one needs some new sunnies? Raie Eyewear’s new drop has you covered. We’re obsessed with the shape of the Rhode ($159) dramatic yet timeless frames.

Cotton On Boxers

Boxers are a fun gift idea, especially if your giftee isn’t really into the whole flannel pyjamas thing. There’s also something nice about a classic set of Striped Boxers ($24.99) from Cotton On.

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

A little tipple is the perfect gift if your recipient doesn’t like chocolate and you’re still popping over for an Easter Sunday meal. We’d give’em a bottle of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin ($71.95) and some soda water.

Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking by Vicky Bennison

For the person who loves to cook (and doesn’t want any chocolate for Easter), Vicky Bennison’s deliciously good cookbook Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking ($22.50, usually $45).


Easter gift ideas no chocolate gifts

If your giftee is into health and fitness and prefers a wellness-style pressie over choccie, consider a WHOOP band. It’s a sleek wristband that collects all your wellness data to improve your mental and physical health. Organise the one-month free trial for them, let them see if they love it, and if they do, you can gift them a monthly or yearly membership from $44 p/m.

That’s it for Easter gift ideas, but if you wanna shop some delicious Easter sales, Emma Sleep is having one over here.

Image Credit: Loops Beauty / 4 Pillars / Raie Eyewear Instagram