MONA Is Selling Its Most Salacious Sculptures In Chocolate Form If You Wanna Chew Out A Kent

mona cunt chocolates greg taylor

Ever wanted to gift someone a delicious chocolate to show you’re thinking of them deeply but a box of shitty Roses just won’t cut it? Look no further my friends, because you can now buy chocolates in the shape of a gorgeous, edible cunt. Absolutely no beating around the bush here (chocolate or otherwise), you can really buy a sweet treat that looks like someone’s downstairs clam.

Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (aka MONA) is home to the renowned “cunt wall” — an installation of 77 life-sized porcelain vulvas that stretch along a wall in the gallery — created by Melbourne-based artist Greg Taylor and a long list of friends.

Cunts… and other conversations is easily one of the most popular pieces at MONA (apart from the machine that shits itself) and now you can take it home and eat it too.

MONA and Greg Taylor have teamed up with a local Tassie chocolatier to produce a range of bespoke lipped and dipped chocolates for you to indulge in wherever you please. At home, down the shops, at the office (depends on the vibe tbh) — these boxed boxes are perfect treat for any given time.

For $35 you can get yourself a delicious, Belgian chocolate cunt in the mail. It’s a bit of a lucky dip, so you won’t know whose lips you’ve copped from the online shop until you pop the lid and clap your eyes on that clunge.

They’re all packaged up in their own little gift box and a run down of what inspired Greg Taylor to sculpt models of womens minges. You could give it to your favourite kent or that one mate who shits you up the wall and you simply need to tell them they need to get a bit of depth and warmth.

Bloody love it, MONA. Cheers cunts.