This Aussie Brand Is Slinging Lucky Dip Gifts For V-Day So Go On, Surprise Yourself W/ A Treat

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In case you haven’t been subject to the millions of heart-shaped posters adorning literally every fucking shopfront ever at this time of year, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, baby!

If you’re scrambling for a last-minute gift that isn’t some lame teddy bear (sorry to yuck anyone’s yum), or yet another box of choccies (welcomed, but unoriginal), Melbourne-based jewellery brand, Maison de Femmes is slinging some epic deals on handmade dainty necklaces, sick statement earrings and so much more.

Starting from just $70, you can bag birthstone jewellery (for a meaningful touch), freshwater pearl earrings, or a necklace featuring your lover’s favourite flower.

The best part? When you buy one full-priced item, you get the second 50% off, so turns out it pays to be indecisive because as the El Paso queen once said: Porque no los dos?

Oh, and for my single besties out there, who said you had to miss out? Maison de Femmes is running a lucky dip this Valentine’s Day, so for anyone who couldn’t give less of a fuck about having to surprise a significant other, why not surprise yourself instead? All you have to do is choose the amount you’d like to spend, and the legends at Maison de Femmes will send a product of that value (or higher!) gift-wrapped with a love note. How’s that for an independent baddie?

If you want to be a bit cheeky, you can have a lil’ sneak peek at what styles you might receive here. On the other hand, if you’re down to pick your own, we’ve put together some of our faves below to spark some inspo. Thank us later, bbys.

dainty necklaces, maison de femmes, dainty earrings, valentine's day

Aphrodite’s Pearls Studs, $90

I screamed when I saw these. A moment of silence for the prettiest dainty pearl EARRINGS I have had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.

July Birthstone Dainty Earrings, $175

If your partner is big on birthstones or zodiacs, you’ll be happy to know Maison de Femmes has an entire range dedicated to both of those things. It also adds a little personal touch that you can’t find in just a regular set of earrings.

dainty necklaces, maison de femmes, dainty earrings, valentine's day

Initial Singapore Necklace, $95

Dainty necklaces are always a win because they literally go with everything. EVERYTHING, I tell you. Whether that’s layered on a bunch of other chains, mixed with different metals, or even just vibing on its lonesome, it always manages to look elegant and chic on anyone.

If you want to be extra romantic or whatever, you can even give your partner a necklace with YOUR initial on it. Nothing says I got you like them wearing your initial around their neck, ya know what I mean?

Cosmic Butterfly Necklace, $130

My best friend is abnormally fkn obsessed with butterflies, so this gorgeous handcrafted design caught my eye from the moment I saw it. If you have a bestie in the same boat, this is officially your sign to get matching dainty necklaces this Valentine’s Day. Also, can we take a moment for being able to choose which style of chain you want?! Epic.

dainty necklaces, maison de femmes, dainty earrings, valentine's day

60s Daisies Earrings, $85

A fun, floral twist on the classic gold hoop? Count us in.

Interested in checking out the full collection? Head here.