In a proud continuation of one of Australia‘s finest traditions, Cory Bernardi is giving it a red hot go. Turgid with confidence after seeing Trump‘s momentum first-hand while in the States visiting the UN, Bernardi has taken the plunge and split from the Liberal Party in the hopes of inspiring a Trump-esque movement with his new party, the Australian Conservatives.

Given that Trump inspired support with his (extremely weird) charisma and bizarre idiosyncracies that clearly distinguished him from the establishment, it seems Bernardi might have a hard time inspiring the same sort of groundswell, considering he has the charisma of a brick and is by all appearances just another career, establishment politician. But he’s sure giving it a try.

As we all know, the internet is pretty much just a billion monkeys with typewriters that tend to accidentally come up with great stuff very quickly and, appropriately, Twitter wasted no time trolling the account of the senator’s new party.

A number of copycat accounts have popped up (not to be confused with the real one, @AuConservatives [I think]) and they are wreaking havoc in the brief period they have before they are shut down for violating the terms of service. It sure seems like Bernardi is not happy about it:

Ah, “#auspol”, the unfailing signal that a boomer is using social media. While trying to assert their own identity, they are also simultaneously trying to refute nearly identical assertions of identity from the other accounts:

This is exactly like the part in a movie where someone has to decide whether they’re about to shoot the clone or the real scientist. Here, a third account also jumped in to give their two cents:

Confused yet? Don’t worry, a fourth account entered the fray:

What a wonderful time to be alive.

Photo: Facebook / Cory Bernardi.