Failed Trump Impersonator Cory Bernardi Isn’t Ruling Out Rejoining The Libs

Cory Bernardi is very much still alive. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard anything about him recently, it’s because he banished himself into oblivion by forming a minor party in the mistaken belief that he would gain Trump-like momentum for having the opinions of a dipshit. In a crowded field of far-right, xenophobia-centric conservative minor parties with identical dipshit opinions, wearing a nicer suit wasn’t enough to make Bernardi stand out in any meaningful way. You hate to hear about it.

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If a soft grilling from a Chris Kenny who seemed to be trying to will it into existence is anything to go by, Bernardi might have come to the realisation that everyone else has: that he fucked up big-time. Speaking to Kenny on Sky News today, Bernardi wouldn’t rule out moving back into the sweet embrace of the Liberal Party now that Scott Morrison is at the helm.

According to Bernardi, Morrison appears to have rolled the party back to pre-Turnbull days, muscling in on Bernardi’s turf and explaining why his party didn’t get so many votes: “I do think Scott Morrison has claimed a lot of the territory that was very fertile for the Australian Conservatives. He’s a man of faith, he’s a relentless campaigner. . . . But I did say when I left the party that my greatest hope [was that] I would be redundant.” Oh for sure, my dude.

Bernardi said that his main goal at the moment is to assistant the government, and that he’s trying to figure out how best to do that. “In the last month or so I have been openly thinking and canvassing what my role will be in politics, I still enjoy it, I do like it very much,” he told Kenny.  “I do want to see this government succeed so I’ll think about how best I can do that.

Asked directly by Kenny whether joining the Liberal Party again could be part of that, Bernardi refused to be nailed down (“They’re your words, mate.“) but said that if Morrison picked up the phone and asked him, he would definitely have that conversation. You can watch the clip below: