Cody Simpson, Man Of Many Talents, Is Dropping An Eco-Fashion Brand Ft. Unisex Loungewear

Cody Simpson, man of many talents, has just announced his latest venture: a sustainable fashion label called Prince Neptune: The Label.

Created alongside award-winning Australian-based fashion agency Slyletica, the exciting new label will drop its first collection of “elevated and luxurious, unisex loungewear essentials” this August. So basically: fancy as fuck trackies.

Cody has spent years working on the label, somehow juggling the time between writing music, penning poetry and kicking ass as a professional swimmer.

The brand’s focus is on being eco-conscious with everything from the factory ethics to the manufacturing process to the packaging and distribution.

Eco-consciousness is something that’s been severely missing from the fashion industry, especially given the amount of shitty fast fashion brands that dominate the market.

Cody’s focus on developing an environmentally friendly and sustainable label should come as no surprise to fans given his work as Oceans Ambassador for WWF – Australia.

“I was looking for really comfortable sweats and t-shirts that were sustainably made and I realised just how hard it is to find,” Cody said.

”It was really important for me to stay true to my vision from both a design perspective and what I stand for. We took our time thinking about things like water conservation, using fewer chemicals, compostable packaging and incorporating recycled materials, and did so without compromising comfort and style. This is important to me and hopefully, to you as well.”

Have a peek at some of the lewks below:

Keen to get your mitts on Cody’s fits? Same!

Cody is dropping previews of his collection here, with the full range available to buy from August.