Chris Brown’s Alleged Victim To Cynics: “You Honestly Think I Wanted This?”

As the Chris Brown shitshow continues this morning – with the R&B singer holed up in his LA mansion as police surround it – the woman who alleges he pulled a gun on her has spoken about the incident.
Baylee Curran, a model and beauty queen, claims she was admiring a piece of jewellery being displayed by a member of Chris’ crew when the unidentified dude inexplicably pointed a weapon at her.

“One of his friends… just started cussing me out, calling me names… that was when Chris started at it. He pulled out his gun, pointed it at me and said ‘Get the fuck out.’”

Curran says Brown’s people demanded she sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep the situation under wraps but that she refused, leaving the party with a friend and calling 9/11.
A few hours after a standoff erupted between police and Brown, Curran posted a video on Instagram defending herself against gross people who are jumping to the conclusion that she’s after her two seconds of fame without any knowledge of what actually happened.
“Do you all honestly think I wanted this and I caused this. If somebody put a gun to your head, what would you? Call the police?”

It’s since been deleted and her account set to private.
You can watch the full TMZ interview with Curran here:

The situation is still developing, but there are reports police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from Brown’s home, after a duffel bag he threw out a window was found.
Source: TMZ Live.
Photo: Baylee Curran / Instagram.