Singer Chris Brown has been arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon, which is a very serious felony, following a stand-off with police at his Los Angeles home.

TMZ is reporting that Brown was taken from his property by the LAPD, following an earlier complaint filed by model Baylee Curran that Brown allegedly pulled a gun on her during an argument.

An LAPD official outside Brown’s home confirmed to media that Brown had been arrested and was being transported to a police station in downtown LA, and that the investigation was now an “ADW” matter.

Earlier, Brown professed his innocence – claiming he’d woken up to police at his house – in a series of baffling Instagram posts made while holed up in his house, which even included a plug for his new track, if you can believe that.

Assault with a deadly weapon carries a maximum jail sentence of 4 years in the state of California if charged as a felony.

The police investigation remains on-going.

Source: TMZ.

Photo: Nigel Waldron/Getty.