Catherine McNeil makes a Vogue cover comeback

So she’s not fat and she hasn’t been dumped by her agent – instead Aussie model Catherine McNeil is looking damn fine on the cover of the January edition of Vogue magazine.

The local model has been copping some fat flack recently for taking time off from the modelling world with critics claiming she’d made too many trips to Maccy D’s and packed on a few extra pounds.

Miss McNeil certainly proved those rumours wrong and what is the most effective way to prove your still hot? You grace the cover of the countries most prestigious fashion mag that’s what. McNeil is also headed back to New York in January to make her catwalk comeback.

Of course those apparent cuts on her forearms are noticeably vacant from the racey cover shot. The scars where spotted by fans at the Girlfriend Model Competition event at the Ivy a few weeks back and sparked some controversy. According to her mother they’re from a skateboard injury or falling down the stairs.

Luckily she’s got lady lover Ruby Rose to kiss all the pain away. McNeil was photographed wearing a dog tag necklace with †Ruby Rose’ imprinted on it at the Girlfriend event. This isn’t saying much for an statement McNeil released denying their les love affair even existed. Of course I wear my friends names around my neck as well just so they’re close to my heart, don’t you?

Rose’ ex model Lyndsay Anne has apparently retreated to familiar (and open) arms of ex Lola Van Vorst who she allegedly dumped for Rose a few months ago. The two were spotted splashing about in the Ivy Pool last week. This lesbian chic fad is just getting a little out of hand really. Maybe McNeil and Van Vorst will be next to run away together?