Fiddle leaf figs are the numero uno most Instagrammed house plant, I reckon. Everyone seems to have one, and if you don’t you’re saving pennies to buy a nice leafy boi. Well, Bunnings currently has your plant-loving back, friends.

They’re selling a little baby fiddle leaf fig for $3.75. Yep, for under five buckaroonies you can buy a teeny fiddle leaf fig plant. Or buy a few! Fill your house with ’em until you are living in Jumanji.

Credit: Facebook

The news comes via a truly amazing sounding Facebook group, Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia. People are commenting on the fiddle leaf fig, saying they’ve seen them at Bunnings for weeks.

Now, it turns out the news is selling the lil’ babies out, so if you’re keen for your own Bunnings fiddle leaf fig, you’d better hightail it to the nearest shop asap.