The 8 Best Exfoliating Products If, Like Me, You’re Moulting Like A Lizard

the best exfoliating products for dry flaky skin
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We’re well into spring right now — a time that usually eases the merciless assault winter has on my scale-prone skin. Normally, at this time of year, my dry patches are healing, my eczema is easing, and my skin is finding its melanin-induced glow again. Yet, for some reason, that just isn’t happening this year. So I’ve had to resort to finding the best exfoliating products to rid me of this butt dandruff.

There’s a multitude of reasons that could explain why my — and my colleagues’ — skin has become devoid of moisture and mimicked those aerial pictures of cracked, dry deserts.

The winter season was dry and bountiless because of the dreaded El Niño weather event, which saw less rain and way too much heat. We’re experiencing a cost of living crisis that is stressing us out and making us sad, which we know can manifest in unhappy skin. And warmer weather can often leave you dehydrated, if you aren’t drinking enough water (since my emotional support water bottle got mouldy, I certainly haven’t been).

A sordid cocktail of affairs indeed.

To battle my increasingly flaking skin and moult into a new, slimy little lizard, I went on a crusade of trying a bunch of different scrubs and chemical exfoliants to buff that dead skin away (safely, of course). Here are some of the best exfoliating products that actually worked.

8 Of The Best Exfoliating Products To Try

Anese that booty tho scrub, one of the best exfoliating products

anese that booty tho scrub $49.68

This is quite possibly the best body scrub I’ve ever used. The wet-sand like texture feels amazing and it’s the only thing that helped combat my keratosis pilaris!

Frank Body clearing face wash, $15.99

I used this chemically exfoliating face wash to clear my acne and dry patches in the month before my wedding, following a weeks-long battle with breakouts and it worked magically. My WEDDING. There is no greater endorsement.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution $20.50

Dry legs and ingrown bumps begone! This stuff paired with a shave is *chef’s kiss*.

Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliator, $44.00

I will forever love clay scrubs because they both purify your skin AND banish the flakes. The perfect duo for combination skin girlies.

Epzen exfoliating body wash, a great scrub

epzen AHA exfoliating body wash, $17.60

This is one of those scrubs that not only polishes your skin until it’s new, but leaves you soft and moisturised too because of its buttery formula. Almost like sexy aftercare. Also, it smells like vanilla buttercream heaven.

Polished Juniper Berry Salt Polish, $35.00

Speaking of scrubs that leave you moisturised, this bad gyal is filled with coconut oil and it sticks around afterwards (literally) to leave you all supple and moist. Those who don’t like the feel of a tacky or sticky film on their skin may have an issue with this, but it wipes off easy.

polished juniper berry and salt body scrub, a great exfoliating product
fresh sugar exfoliating face polish

Fresh Sugar Face Polish, $96

She’s a little chic, a little boujee, but that’s the price you pay for real strawberry seeds and brown sugar in a scrub that smells like the nectar of the gods. Also, don’t eat it. Even though it does taste kinda good. Don’t ask me how I know this.

OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub, $67.00

Speaking of scrubs that smell divine, this beachy scent belongs in a perfume bottle, not a scrub! I randomly take it out of the shower just to sniff it. Also, the coconut oil in this bb leaves you so soft after you’re buffed. Though, if you have really thick hair like me, maybe limit it to your body and don’t use it on your scalp.

OUAI scalp and body scrub, an exfoliating product that smells like


I’ll be honest, I’m scared of most chemical face exfoliators because my skin is really sensitive. Instead, I opted for this fruit enzyme-based exfoliant which was surprisingly gentle given what a thorough softening it gave me! I get lots of clogged pores on my face (literally on my forehead where I’m also dry) and it cleared both right up!

There ya have it folks, my formula for skin that doesn’t age you 10,000 years every time you look in the mirror.

How often should you be exfoliating?

I do want to issue a disclaimer — exfoliating products should be used sparingly, depending on the item. You generally shouldn’t be exfoliating more than one or two times a week, unless the product specifically says it is safe for daily use.

If the exfoliant you’re using is drying, make sure you follow up with something that moisturises too! Check out our round-up of moisturisers and other softening and hydrating products here.