Sustainable Gift Ideas For A Chrissy That Your Mates Will Love & The Earth Will Love Even More

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It feels good to give during the holiday season, but it feels even better to help the environment while you’re doing it. If you’re looking to get some ethical and sustainable gift ideas to impress your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. From the most delicious-smelling soaps to makeup that’ll help you take care of the earth while looking stunning, we’ve got environmentally friendly gifts for everyone.

Check out our list of ethical and sustainable gift ideas so you can do good all while making your mates happy this holiday season.


Epzen is a clean skincare company that not only uses natural and vegan ingredients but is also based in Australia.

It’s a great sustainable gift idea because not only does the brand encourage refillable products, but it’s also available in regular supermarkets, so there’s no need to order refills online. Which is great because I don’t know about you guys but my friends and I are lazy af.

But our favourite pick from the Epzen range is the powder-to-gel body wash that turns into shower gel when you add water, comes in a small sachet and is intended for use with the aluminium Forever Bottle. We’re loving this shade of lavender.

sustainable gift ideas

A HelloFresh Subscription

If your loved ones struggle to eat everything in their fridge or cook sustainably, HelloFresh is a great way to get them into eating to help the planet.

HelloFresh portions out all the ingredients for every meal so there’s little to no food waste, and everything is packed in recyclable or compostable packaging, so there’s less rubbish in landfill. In addition, ingredients and menus are picked seasonally and in conjunction with Aussie suppliers, so everything you eat is always super fresh.

As far as eco gift ideas go, this one is perfect for helping the planet and the people that live on it.

Nice One

Cotton On Foundation has released a range of skincare, haircare and baby products that are vegan, not tested on animals, and made in Australia with natural ingredients. We love gift ideas that are ethical and eco friendly.

The range includes shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash, deodorant, lotions and balms so your mate’s skin will feel as good as you do when you buy it.

sustainable gift ideas

Nourished Life

Nourished Life specialises in stocking ethical and sustainable products in their online store. With a strict buying policy to ensure all products are cruelty-free and organic, you can buy gifts from here so you can live out your environmentally friendly dreams.

There’s even a dedicated gift tab on the Nourished Life website, so you don’t need to sift through pages of products — instead you can just go through the pre-packed bundles and gifts to find something that suits your recipient.

We love this beard wash and oil that’s free from sulphates, silicons and parabens.

sustainable gift ideas

Flavedo and Albedo

This ethical lil’ makeup brand is the perfect middle ground when it comes to buying top quality beauty products and alleviating your plastic landfill anxiety. How? Their quality formulations are packaged in aluminium, glass and sustainable timber, with zero plastic. No tubs, no lids, no seals, no nothing. That’s a winner in our books.

While we’re sure your mates would love anything from Flavedo and Albedo’s elite beauty collection, one of our top picks is this dewy, but non-sticky cream blush. It’s made with plant extracts to deliver a hit of colour to your cheeks (to clarify: the ones on your face), but it also doubles as a great tinted lip balm.

sustainable gift ideas


Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Biome is an eco friendly marketplace that’s bursting at the seams with a bunch of authentic and sustainable gift ideas, which means you can shop all sorts of good stuff, including slow fashion, accessories, clean beauty, supplements and more.

We aren’t going to gatekeep the best reusable vegan food wraps in the biz, so this pack of three from Biome is our current fave when it comes to environmentally friendly gifts. Honestly, though, if you’re still using cling wrap in 2023, we just wanna chat.

Sick of having to buy a bunch of herbs from ya local Woolies, only to use like four sprigs from the entire bunch (with the rest going to non-eaten vege heaven?) Yeah, us too. That’s why this Microherbs kit – fitted with basil, parsley and chives – is the way to go if your Secret Santa wants to always have fresh herbs on their hands. Just quietly, gift this one to ya housemate, so you can use it, too.

sustainable gift ideas

This Australian hand-made vegan soap bar

Etsy’s always got some banging ethical and eco gift ideas from small businesses that are underrated AF. So, don’t mind us while we spotlight this awesome brand from Byron Bay called ‘Groovers Trunk’ that creates create zero waste, biodegradable body, hand and dish soaps. You’ll be smelling your mate’s skin for months.

A pair of ModiBodi period undies

Founded in 2011, ModiBodi’s founder Kristy birthed the business after realising women needed more sustainable and affordable options when it comes to managing periods and leaks.

They also have a great initiative called ‘Give A Pair‘, where every dollar you donate goes towards putting a pack of five pairs of reusable underwear into the hands of people in need worldwide.

Who said sustainable gift ideas are all just makeup and skincare?

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

A Glam Corner e-Gift Card

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Glam Corner is where you can hire designer clothing for a fraction of the retail price. Andit delivers Australia-wide.

You can either try out a one-time rental, or you can sign up for a membership. A membership means you get a monthly box of designer clothing, with three items per box.

Renting clothes is a fab way to reduce your textile footprint while spending less. It’s a win-win!

If you have the perfect person in mind for the Glam Corner, you can purchase a one-time rental or membership gift card right here.

Worm Farms

One of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly gift ideas is this worm farm. If you and your loved ones are keen to get a worm farm going, then Maze is your best friend.

This one, in particular, is made from mostly recycled materials in Australia. It’s not super bulky either, so you can find a nice place for it around the home.

The farm even comes with its very own worms, but don’t worry, the little ones only spend a few days in transit. The worms, up to 1000 (!!!) of them, are sourced from the local worm farm. That’s a lot of worms, tell ya what.

sustainable gift ideas

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Lead image credit: Groovers Trunk/ModiBodi