Raise A Glass For The Aussie Skincare Brand Reinventing Your Man’s Night-Time Routine

Contributor: Bree Grant / Tiffany Forbes
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Listen up, lads — if you’re telling us that you’re still slinging the good ol’ soap n’ water on your face of a night at your grown age (yeah, we’re talking the same fkn soap and water you use to lather all over your body in the shower), consider this article a god damn intervention. Your skin deserves better.

While what you put on your face might not seem like the biggest deal now, mate I hate to break it to ya, but in 10 years time, you’re going to wish you made it a bigger one. Why? That shit’s going to be saggy, sun-damaged and as shrivelled as a sultana before you can say “pass me the moisturiser”. The only way to prevent this? A proper skincare regime now.

Allow us to introduce you to Frasé Skin, a skincare brand founded by two Aussie battlers (Beau and Zac London) from Dubbo. Simple, easy-to-use skincare, made by men for men —  and certified by the boys.

It all came about because they sought out a skin solution for all the lads on the job site that would break the stigma of typical skin care. “We started this business as we were pinching our mum’s skincare products and realised there were no good brands out there that targeted males.”

“We wanted to bring to the market simple, easy-to-use products that draw back from the experiences we faced as tradies.”

Nice one, lads.

Frasé current range consists of a Daily Facial Cleanser, a Moisturiser, and the Lazy Man Mask. However, the boys hope to create SPF moisturisers, body wash, under-eye rollers and more in the near future.

Let’s take a geeze at the full range, shall we?

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Daily Facial Cleanser

frase skin frasé skincare

Daily Cleanser, $29.99

Packed with juicy, anti-inflammatory grapefruit seed extract, this god-send cleanser works with you to detoxify ya nasty post-workday skin while also getting rid of any underlying dirt, oil and toxins. And if you’re worried about it drying you out — rest assured its hydrating properties won’t let that happen, bb.

Daily Moisturiser

Daily Moisturiser, $39.99

A cleanser works its best magic when it’s used in conjunction with a moisturiser (hello, easy, breezy skincare routine), which is why I want to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend: Frasé Skin’s Daily Moisturiser. Made from Tasmanian sea kelp (yes, don’t let this deter you) and macadamia oil, this bad boy reckons it’s the GOAT at keeping your skin hydrated and plump, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Win-win, lads.

Lazy Man Mask

frase skin frasé skincare

Lazy Man Mask, $49.99

For any of y’all still out there shaking your head at a two-step routine, Frasé Skin has decided to simplify your night routine even further with the Lazy Man Mask. Coined rather appropriately, this mask will noticeably restore and enhance the skin’s normal re-texturing activity, leaving your facial skin looking cleaner, brighter and smoother in one swift application. Although, for best results, we recommend washing your face with a cleanser just to rid any initial dirt, toxins and grime before ya do it.

Interested in copping some for yourself? You can shop Frasé Skin’s full range here. Don’t forget to use our exclusive code ‘PTV’ to snag a cheeky 20% off while you’re at it.