This Sustainable Gift Shop Will Have You Feeling Like A Bloody Good Samaritan This Chrissy

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Christmas is nearly upon us and it’s all happening. The sleigh bells are jingling, Santa is preparing his merry sack of gifts and the elves are hard at work. As the impending shopping chaos looms, it’s time to start thinking of what we’ll be gifting our loved ones. And, in all the bustle of the festive season, it’s important we remember to be sustainable, ethical shoppers this year.

Enter, Nash + Banks – the brand on a mission to champion products with a positive impact. Shop from here, and you’ll cop a lineup of goods that are sure to give everyone the old razzle dazzle this festive season while doing right by the earth. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? If you know someone who appreciates the value of an ethically-made gift or are trying to shop more sustainably yourself, this place is just the ticket.


Nash + Banks are your one-stop shop for ethical gifts, artisan products and sustainable brands. They’ll have you rethinking everything you know about mindful gifting. It’s 2020 people, sustainability is sexy so it’s time to deck your damn halls with ethical gifts only.

With their motto of ‘ethical with an edge’ – you won’t be rocking up to Secret Santa with a wilting tree and attempting to pass it off as ‘sustainable.’ Instead, you’ll sift through hundreds of carefully curated gift ideas from cashmere scarves and sterling silver jewellery to grooming kits and yoga mats. Every product offered on the site is doing right by the world and it looks damn good doing it, too. This brand is really changing the game when it comes to sustainable shopping, and you better believe we’re right there behind them.


Cork Yoga Mat ($99.00) & Etikette Candles ($29.00)

Word to the wise, it’s important to keep shipping cut-off dates in mind when you’re getting busy on the buying front. Australia Post has advised you’ve got until the 12th December to ensure those presents arrive on time so make haste.

You can shop the entire Nash + Banks sustainable collection here.