Oofty, did we spend some major cash this year on beauty products. There were some booooonta drops across the makeup/skincare/hair etc space during 2017, to the point where we actually may have lost our minds and also credit cards somewhere around September and never fully recovered.

In the interest of semi-nostalgic end of year wraps, we’re counting down the launches we absolutely lost it over – honestly, freeze your cards in ice bc if you didn’t buy into these then, you’re certainly gonna want to now.


When Rihanna dropped the news she was launching a beauty line, we were frothing like a bunch of frothing things. We’d all seen the mastery that was Fenty x Puma, so we expected big things from Ms. Riri. And goddamn, she did not disappoint. While the Kilawatt highlighters and Stunna lip paint could get their own bloody list mentions – it’s her Pro’Filtr foundation – a lightweight, soft matte, high coverage liquid masterpiece with a shade for pretty much every skin tone – that’s turned it into the must-have foundation for 2017.


Mecca’s Mecca Cosmetica beauty range has long been held up as one of the holy grail Aussie beauty lines – their sunscreen offerings in particular are the shiiiiit. So it was highly likely their makeup foray with Mecca Max was going to be epic. But what was most surprising were the affordable price points. The priciest thing on hand is an $88 makeup brush set, but their Longwear foundation is a cheap as chips $32 – that’s on par with pharmacy brands.


I mean, a perfume from a luxury brand that incorporates the word “fucking”? It was always going to make a splash. The rich oriental scent is basically meant to be an epic, head-turning fragrance, and that was the entire point – as Tom himself says, “It’s undeniably the most straightforward name for such a beautiful scent. Why make it complicated?”


It’s not like Priceline having sales was a new thing this year. But goddamn, did it not feel like every bloody month they were carving 40/50% off entire sections of their store? I don’t think I picked up one thing full price – and while sales are always great, 40% off everything in cosmetics or whatever is no fucking joke, is it. Keep doing God’s work, Priceline.


Clearly, the biggest power-player of the Kardashian-Jenner clan couldn’t just let the baby of the family dominate the beauty market. So, Kim K released her own makeup line – and tbh it crushes her sister’s. Absolutely DOMINATES. It’s like the mature, chic antidote to Kylie Cosmetics – think contouring, highlighting and perfect nudes. Even her more recent foray into shimmer and glitter is perfectly understated.


Who would have thought in 2017 we’d see a self-tan SHEET mask hit the market? Not me, that’s for sure. Double who-would-have-thought – in what world would that be good? This world, apparently – it was one of the most hyped up individual products of the year, continually gets rave reviews, and is genuinely damn amazing. So there you bloody go.


Ooofty, when you’ve got a 25,000 person waitlist for your product launch, you know you’re doing something right. The entire Ordinary brand has such a cult following – it’s all about hardworking formulas without the high price tags – but their foundation was a massive release this year in Oz because it was already such a hit overseas. We knew it was gonna be good, so we all jumped on board before the stock was even bloody here.


One of the most hyped up skincare brands finally hit Oz this year, and it’s quickly gained a strong Aussie following. Why? Well, Drunk Elephant products are all about omitting nasties from their products – their hero ingredient is Virgin Marula Oil, which is a god-send for dry, irritated skin. Pretty much everything they’ve made has consistent rave reviews – this is one situation where hype is legit.


3x the Heat, 3x the "omg what palette are you wearing?" ???? #NakedHeat #UrbanDecay

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Every time Urban Decay drops a Naked palette it’s one of the biggest launches of the year. This time around it was Heat, a warm, rich range of nudes very much in line with the trend of burnt orange/rust eye makeup this year.


Everyone was frothing over Gigi Hadid‘s imminent collab with Maybelline New York when it was announced a few months back. With everything from the perfect nude shadows and highlighters to the Jet Set Palette (above), which everyone’ll have in their handbag by the end of the month, this was a collab that wasn’t a bunch of bullshit – it really reflects Gigi’s style, and the products were all freshies for the Maybelline brand.


It sold out in 10 days at launch, and then had 90,000 people on it’s waitlist. People were just going absolutely nuts for this iteration of the classic Frank Body scrub – the same delish coffee formula, with added SHIMMER. The result? Silky smooth skin with a glow. It’s back in stock now, if you’re keen to be a glitter ball for NYE.


Everyone’s fave person to follow on Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, did a collab with Becca and the Glow Face Palette was born. It’s got crazy good reviews because there’s not one shade that’s shit – it’s literally all you need to create a glowy, warm complexion. If ever there was a year for killer celeb collabs, 2017 was it.


Again with the glitter, GlamGlow’s latest mask creation has spawned an entire selfie trend. The firming mask is full of sparkles and shiny stars, making mask time way more fun. Insane levels of fun, really. Too Faced have one on the way, too – but unfortunately you can’t buy either in Oz as yet, although we have no doubt they’ll be hitting shelves in 2018.


A crimper? An expensive, fancy one? It all sounded insane, but GHD made it bloody happen and then some. They took the 80’s trend and made it modern, showing how adding some texture to hair via crimping could up volume and turn boring styles into 10/10 ones.

Image: Instagram / @glamglow