Baltimore Ravens Win The 2013 Superbowl

Amidst the $4 million advertising spots, power outages, and (literally) explosive half-time show, there was a game to be played and it lived up to all the hype and excitement with the match going down to the final play with Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

From the outset, the Ravens dominated with quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Joey Flacco throwing three first half touchdowns, one of which to Jacoby Jones who also scored another with a scintillating record equaling 108 yard kick return. It was at this point, with the Ravens cruising with a 28-6 lead and the Super Bowl all but sewn up, that things took a dramatic twist with the power failing and stadium plunged into 34 minutes of darkness. 
The awkward moment when the power fails at the biggest sporting event of the year. 
Be it an unpaid power bill or the fact that the state of Louisiana could not generate sufficient power to keep the lights on after Beyonce’s jaw-dropping half-time show, the problem was rectified with the 49ers taking advantage of the break in play, regrouping and mounting a counter-attacked to the wearied Ravens. With three second half touch downs, the 49ers clawed there way back but thanks to some timely field-goals, the Ravens were able to hold out and Ray Lewis got one final dance.  

The 2012/13 Ravens now join Beach House, Michael Phelps, and The Wire as Baltimore’s most excellent exports. McNulty would be proud.