Aussie Muslims Are Here To Help You Fact Check Pauline’s Gross AF Policies

You don’t need to be a genius to realise that One Nation‘s policy platform is probably not all that considered in terms of facts. It’s reactionary populism and it doesn’t really need facts in order to function.

But nonetheless, Aussie Muslims have established a website intended to critique the statements and policies of Pauline Hanson‘s party platform:

There are some good points worth considering here, even if you’re not a prospective One Nation voter and seek clarification on some of the issues often raised by the hard right. Like on sharia law, for example:
The vast majority of Australian law is Shariah compliant and in most instances exactly same as Shariah so there is no need for any ‘imposition’.

This includes, but is not limited to; the rule of law, the adversarial system, the jury system, much of court etiquette, evidence law, maritime law, tort law, trust law, contract law, equity, power of attorney, mediation, legal ethics, criminal law, marriage, partnership, trade practices, consumer law, child support and the list goes on and on!
Or on the repeatedly claimed link between halal food and Islamic terrorism:
The Senate inquiry into third-party certification of food has heard there is no direct link between halal certification and Islamic terrorism. The evidence was given by both the Australian Crime Commission and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), the nation’s anti-money laundering intelligence agency, at the inquiry’s second hearing.

It’s worth a gander.

As I said, factsheets alone aren’t going to sway the people who aren’t really voting on that basis. That’s not to say their vote is somehow less legitimate – many, many people vote for all parties for reasons aside from hard ‘facts’ – but it’s worth reiterating again and again that the hate Hanson whips up doesn’t have a huge basis in reality.
Source: Twitter / One Nation Fact Check.
Photo: Getty Images.