Malcolm Turnbull Condemns Hanson’s Disgusting Demonisation Of Muslims

This week, Pauline Hanson delivered her maiden speech to the Senate, and then our country exploded. Australia is just a fiery ball of flames now. I personally can’t figure out how you’re even reading this article. 
Not really (duh) but people were reeeeal mad
Not only did Pauline just take her OG speech from 1996 and replace ‘Asians’ with ‘Muslims’, but she delivered an incoherent rambling group of words that can barely be called a “speech”, and certainly contained very few, if any, facts. 
Today, on 3AW morning radio, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a bold declaration against the views of Pauline Hanson, and her party One Nation.
“Tagging all Muslims with the crimes of a few is fundamentally wrong and it’s also counter-productive.

Seeking to demonise or denigrate all Muslims or seek to alienate all Muslims and suggest they’re somehow not part of Australia or shouldn’t be in Australia, that is exactly what the extremists and terrorists are saying to the Muslim community.”
During her speech, Hanson called for an immigration not only on Muslim people, but everyone. Like, she wants to ban anyone from migrating here. Shut door, lock it, throw away key. 
Turnbull also denounced these views:
“I was asked about her [Hanson’s] views on migration and obviously everybody knows I don’t agree with them.”
So… that’s… good? We suppose? It’s fucked that we even have to write about these painfully ignorant views of Hanson’s, but at least Turnbull has openly said they’re eyerollingly shithouse.
Hey may have done near bugger all else in the past YEAR that he’s been PM after the 2015 #libspill, but hey. We’ll take what we can get.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Stefan Postles & Bradley Kanaris / Getty.