Adam Hills Hangs Head, Promises Next Pauline Hanson Gag Will Be Funnier

Pauline Hanson‘s unparalleled talent for igniting outrage was out in full force on the weekend, when she made another appearance on Nine to denounce Muslims / refugees, and request a Royal Commission into Islam…. all the while looking like she was holding back the tears. Sadly, not a joke.

As everyone was giving her a solid putting back in her box on Twitter, comedian Adam Hills joined in with this cringe-inducing zinger:

Ouch. Yeah. Funny but also kinda… off? Anyway, he copped an absolute ribbing for that one, which no amount of back-pedalling could make go away.

(This included, but was not limited to, explaining the difference between ‘hung’ and ‘hanged’ – the gist of which is that one means dead, and the other means like a piñata.)

Determined not to let this joke become a career-ender, he took a solid 665 words this morning to explain exactly what he meant on Facebook:

“It occurred to me that if we dangled Pauline Hanson alongside the French flag, perhaps it would let Muslims around the world know we don’t blame them for the atrocities of an organisation that claims to represent them.
“In my head I saw Miss Hanson in a harness, maybe a trapeze, looking comically chastened, suspended below a girder. I thought it was a funny image, so I tweeted (the joke).”
You can read his entire explainer below, but the important part is this: “I’ll still aim to ridicule anyone else who speaks narrow-minded bigotry and falsehoods. I’ll just aim to do it with better jokes.”

Yesterday I had a lovely game of golf. As I walked up the first fairway, I saw a Kookaburra to the left of me and four…

Posted by Adam Hills Official Page on Sunday, 15 November 2015