Adam Hills Goes HAM On Pauline Hanson, Wants Her “Hung From Harbour Bridge”

For every Pauline Hanson action, there is an equal and opposite Twitter reaction. This one comes from ol’ mate Adam Hills, who suggested the pollie take an unplanned dangle from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

While the image of Australia’s metaphorical dag swinging freely from a national treasure is a joy to behold, some users kicked up a stink about the semantic implications of Hill’s imaginative tweets. Read: they thought the comedian wanted her actually, literally, totally dead.

Not one to be outdone by some casual internet outrage, Hills reacted in the only sensible way: doubling down on his pollie-hoisting pipe-dream.

But that wasn’t quite enough. Enter the hijab:

It’s… so beautiful. Like a row of empty conservative piñatas, waving limply in the quiet breezes of complete indifference over the iconic, sparkling waters of Australia’s most famous city. For the patriotic imagery alone, this one goes to Hills.

Story via Twitter.
Image via Adam Hills.