Aussie Man Sentenced In Thailand Over Girlfriend’s Fatal Jet Ski Crash

22-year old Australian man Thomas Keating has been sentenced in Thailand over the death of his girlfriend, who was killed when her jet ski slammed into Keating’s in the waters off Phuket.

Keating, 22, pled guilty at Phuket Provincial Court back in February and today was handed a one-year sentence – suspended for two years – for criminal negligence that led to the death of Emily Jayne Collie.
He was also fined 5,000 baht ($A189) and is now permitted to leave Thailand.
He was accused of recklessly piloting the jet ski leading to the fatal collision. Keating claims that he was temporarily blinded by the sun reflecting off the water. The charge specified that “the accused committed the crime without intent but also without care.”

After the incident, Keating posted a tribute on Facebook to Collie. “I love you so much Emily and I wish I could just bring you back into my arms. I’m so broken and I know I’ll never never be able to mend.”

Source: 9 News.
Photo: Facebook.