CONTENT WARNING: This article contains details of sexual assault and violence.

An 18-year-old British backpacker has come forward with allegations against a 26-year-old French policeman who she accuses of drugging and raping her on the notoriously fucked ‘Death Island‘ in Thailand.

‘Death Island’, aka Koh Tao Island, is so dubbed because of a series of suss af tourist deaths: seven over three years, 2014 to 2017, including two gruesome murders in ’14, and five otherwise dismissed as suicides or accidents. The sinister rumours go that the Island is run by a local mafia, who are in cahoots with police to cover up the tragic circumstances of the deaths. They’re about as cooked as they can get: two victims were found hanged on the island, one with their hands tied behind their back, another in the ocean at the bottom of a 50-foot drop, one at the bottom of a swimming pool, and the last said to have died after mixing antibiotics with alcohol.

In summary: ‘Death Island’ is scary as shit. Do not go to there.

In the case of the latest incident to befoul the still stupidly popular tourist destination – apparently it’s great for scuba diving (???) – the woman from West Sussex alleges that she was drugged and raped “in the middle of the night” on April 4 following a drinking sesh at a Koh Tao bar with another woman and that woman’s Turkish boyfriend.

She said she experienced “intoxicating symptoms like being being poisoned” and passed out, only to wake up the next morning dressed in just a T-shirt in Room 203 at a hotel, beside a man in boxers touching himself.

She then went to the bathroom, got dressed and texted a mate in the UK to tell them she had been raped, before leaving the hotel and calling her mother, who contacted the British Embassy. The woman headed straight to hospital, citing pain in her genitals.

When police arrived at the hotel, Room 203 was empty and the accused, Yohan Michael Tunka Buaga, had fled. He was arrested in Phuket on Sunday.

Buaga claimed the sex was consensual, that he had come to the Island to “relax“, and showed police selfies taken with the 18-year-old on the night: “He stressed that he had consensual sex with the woman three times and that he even saw her off when she left for her hotel by taxi.”

Buaga is currently in custody.

Image: Getty Images / Barcroft Media