Thai Police To Charge Boyfriend Over Jet Ski Death Of 20 Y.O. Australian

The partner of the 20-year-old Victorian woman who was killed in the waters off Phuket when the pair’s jet skis slammed into one another will be charged with reckless driving causing death.

Thomas Keating, who is 22, had told Thai police that the accident happened because bright light reflecting off the surface of the water had made it difficult for him to see Emily Jayne Collie‘s jet ski before the collision.
Thai police lieutenant Patiwat Yodkhwan told reporters on Monday that Keating was being charged. “Ms Collie’s boyfriend, Mr Keating, who was driving the other jet ski when they collided, will face a charge of reckless driving causing death.”

Police say that the vendor who rented the jet skis to the couple is not seeking compensation for the damage to the skis, because he wanted Phuket to maintain a good reputation for tourists. In Thailand, anyone using a jet ski is supposed to have a ‘captain’s permit’, but that law is generally disregarded when it comes to tourists.
Keating’s sister Bree Lyon issued a statement to Fairfax about the death of Ms Coyne:
My dearest angel, one you have always been and will always remain.

From the very moment I met you I loved you, I cherished your genuine heart, and that beautiful smile. I was inspired by you in so many ways, my darling girl, you were so strong and so determined.

I miss you so much, Emily. I truly do. I love how you loved my brother, the way you looked into his eyes with nothing but pure love, it was the truest thing I’ve ever been grateful to witness.

I promise to look after your Tommy forever and always, our darling girl with those beautiful curls.

Keating himself posted a series of photos of Collie on Facebook, along with a post which said that she had been “taken from us far too soon” and that he hoped she would “rest easy”.

Collie’s parents are currently travelling to Phuket to collect her body.
Photo: Facebook.