Another Aussie Has Drowned Their Car In A Lake After A Spider Jumped Them

Earlier this year we brought you the extremely relatable tale of a Sydney girl who ditched her car into the Rowland Reserve after a “hand-sized” huntsman jumped into her lap.

Now, dear readers, we are saddened to announce that it’s happened a-bloody-gain, only this time the poor bloke in question straight up drove his car into a lake.

The driver – from Lake Cathie near Port Macquarie in NSW – had just finished up a bit of spring cleaning on Tuesday, and was on his way to the tip when he noticed the huntsman spider on him.

“I meant to hit the brake but instead I accidentally hit the accelerator,” he told local paper the Camden Courier.

Instead of following the road round, his Toyota Prado jumped the bank and crashed into the lake.

His door wouldn’t open, so instead he was forced to climb out the window as his car began to sink.

“I was surprised at how deep [the water] was,”
he said, though probably not as surprised as he was to see the spider on his lap.

Luckily, no other passengers were in the vehicle, which remains in the middle of the lake (a recovery operation is under way). Presumably, the spider is now dead.

Source: Camden Courier.

Photo: Facebook / Grayam Page