This Video Of A Wasp About To Lay Eggs In A Paralysed Spider Is Nature At Its Most Nope

How shit are wasps? Those good-for-nothing bastards steal honey from bees and sting humans for no reason. Sure, they help pollinate flowers, but they’re still bastards.

And now we have this video of a spider wasp ambushing an innocent huntsman spider. A cold-blooded display of sheer malice, caught on camera.

On Sunday arvo, Reddit user glass-skull was greeted by this clash on titans on their window. By Monday, redditors around the country found themselves completely unnerved by the frankly revolting footage.

Nobody needs to see this. Yet here we are, sharing it far and wide among ourselves to satisfy our subconscious fascination with the macabre and grotesque.

just in case you needed another reason to stay inside
by u/glass-skull in australia

It’s simply impossible to look away from the heaving wasp as it lugs the limp spider down the window frame.

“What…. The… Fuck!!! You’ve got far bigger problems than COVID-19, my friend!!” commented one user.

“Spiders don’t seem so bad compared to the what the wasp is capable of,” added OP.

Heaps of other users also said they felt sorry for the spider. If a huntsman is the least terrifying part of a video, you know you’ve got insect problems.

Perhaps they had a point. While not particularly dangerous to humans, spider wasps are nevertheless a sick and twisted prank from Mother Nature herself.

Found all over Australia, spider wasps paralyse spiders with their venom, lay eggs inside of them, and then bury the spider underground.

The larvae then hatch inside the still-living spider and feast off its innards until they’re old enough to break out and hunt spiders themselves.

Isn’t nature magical?