What is he running from? Where is he going?

This clip of a wild skunk pig sprinting down an Arizona street has made the entire internet lose its shit. It was posted to Facebook by local real estate agent Damion Alexander and has since spread to just about every other platform.

In the clip, the blessed skunk pig gallops majestically over grass and asphalt. Look at him run. Let yourself be moved by his energy.

More questions were raised than answered in the comments, namely: WTF is a skunk pig? Also known as a javelina, collared peccary or musk hog, it turns out these beasts are neither pigs nor hogs.

That’s right folks, not a pig!!!

Native to South America, their range also encroaches on Arizona, where we find ourselves for this very story. They eat mostly cacti, insects and fruit, and communicate with one another with scent glands near their asses. I wish I was making this up.

Even Arizona locals were shocked at how fast it could dash. Although they can weigh up to 30 kilos, skunk pigs can still run at over 50 km/h, which explains how this one managed to keep up with a moving car.

But enough about facts! Nobody really knows how the skunk pig ended up in a suburban area, but the most likely explanation is that it’s just a wild animal that took a wrong turn on the outskirts of town. We’ve all been there.

Peep below for the memes about the 30-40 feral hogs wild skunk pig.

Image: Facebook / The Damion Alexander Team