Welcome To 2020, Where ‘Venom’ Is Now Real Life In The Form Of This Fucking Toxic Worm


Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any stranger, the internet is convinced that Venom has come to Earth.

Thanks to a now-viral tweet from @sunnyarkade, Twitter is calling for Spider-Man to save us from the mysterious black goo that has seemingly invaded our planet.

The strange video has amassed over 100,000 likes and 25,000 retweets since April 3, with thousands of Twitter users trying to work out what the actual fuck this black goo is.



Thankfully, the internet is full of intelligent people who are well-versed in questionable, alien symbiote-looking substances.

It turns out it’s likely a bootlace worm, which is equally terrifying.

According to Nature.com, the bootlace worm is the longest animal on Earth, reaching a maximum length of roughly 50 metres. But if that wasn’t terrifying enough, this lengthy sucker is covered in a toxic mucus that it releases when threatened or disturbed.

The mucus is filled with a nerve toxin that causes paralysis and death in green crabs and cockroaches. Thankfully, it has slightly less lethal effects on humans, but you should probably still avoid touching it if you encounter a bootlace worm in real life.

Even after Science Twitter helped to explain what the organism likely is, people were still convinced that this is, in fact, Venom.



It has been a truly wild year and it seems to only be getting stranger by the day. If we were really playing a game of 2020 bingo, I don’t think anybody would’ve had “Venom becomes real life.”