Aesop’s Insanely Extra New Room Sprays Come With Matching Audio Tracks

Jeez, Aesop don’t do things in halves do they? The chic as hell Aussie lifestyle brand with a deeply fanatic following are known for their phenomenal lotions and potions, which consistently hit the nail on the head when it comes to up-market hippie scents. Think blends like rosemary leaf and mandarin rind – basically how we imagine Jessa from Girls‘ hair would smell, y’know? 

For the first time ever, the brand has ventured into a permanent range of room sprays. Not content to just release some standard, Aesop-style scents in room form, the three versions have complete stories that go along with them, each “conceived as stimulations to redefine the physical space that surrounds us”. Which we don’t entirely understand as a concept but goddamn does it make us want ’em all.
First off the ranks is Istros, a mix of florals, smoky tobacco, with a base of sandalwood. Here’s it’s story.

“A scent of what has been left behind: a street baked by heat during the day, cooled at night; tendrils of tobacco smoke long dispersed; bazaars that bear the etchings of commerce, commotion and carnival.”

Istros is joined by Cythera – Geranium and Incense with patchouli and myrrh, and Olous, a blend of citrus botanicals, cedar and cardamom. 

 They’ve also enlisted the talents of composer Jesse Paris Smith – yep, the spawn of legendary Patti Smith – to create complementary tracks for each of the three sprays, so you can truly have this extra-level, multi-sensory experience with your new room spray. 

“Just as each Aromatique Room Spray unfurls in a melody of top, heart and base notes, composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith has created three distinctive tracks to narrate the shifting journey,” their site explains.

Each room spray is available on the Aesop site right now, and will set you back a cool $60, which isn’t too crazy considering one’ll surely last you a solid while. Unless you get really obsessed with this whole multi-sensory thing and start spritzing on the hour, every hour. Don’t do that.

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Image: Instagram / @aesopskincare.