Redecorate Your Pits With Aesop’s New Aluminium-Free Roll-On Deodorant

Nothing says I have my shit together quite like owning some Aesop.

This might be grossly materialistic and/or misguided, but if I go to someone’s house and they have some Resurrection Aromatique hand wash chilling on their bathroom basin, I respect them. I respect their choice. I also respect that they’re financially stable enough to drop $40 on hand wash, and secretly hope they might pay for my dinner.

Whether you can comfortably afford it or not, Aesop products are worth it. They smell good, they feel good and most importantly, they work.

If you’ve tried the masks, the hand creams and the Post-Poo Drops (it should be illegal for a toilet product to smell that yum) and you’re on the hunt for your next purchase, you’ll be pleased to know the cult skin care brand have dropped a roll-on deodorant.

The new Deodorant Roll-On and Herbal Deodorant Roll-On offer an aluminium- and alcohol-free alternative for folks whose skin may be irritated by conventional deodorants.

They’re gender-neutral and both formulations have a smooth, creamy texture and contain Zinc Ricinoleate and Wasabi Extract, which work in tandem with essential oils to reduce the development of stank ass pits.

Each roll-on is packaged in 50mL bottles in that unmistakable amber glass colourway. They’re available at in store and online now, for $35.

They’re a fair whack pricier than your trusty Rexona, but can you really put a price on smelling like you’re not just a functioning adult, but a thriving one?

We think not.