A Senior Labor Figure Is Being Accused Of Rape

An as yet unnamed woman has come forward with claims that a current Labor Party senior member raped her when she was a teenager. As this is now considered an ongoing investigation names are being withheld and statements from police representatives have been minimal.

In a statement on Facebook she outlined the attack: “In 1985 I joined the ALP. In 86 at the age of 16. I…became a delegate for state and national conferences. In 86 I went to a Young Labor camp down near Geelong…I was alone,” she has said in one of these online postings. “At about 4am there was a knock at my door. It was him at the door. He pushed me into a bathroom, up against a towel rail, pulled down my pants and raped me.”

Lawyers for the accused have said that “unsubstantiated claims date back almost 30 years and they have never previously been raised with him. He strongly denies any wrongdoing and will fully co-operate with any investigation. Police have not contacted him.”

Considering the timing of Kevin Rudd’s resignation eyebrows have already been raised re: his stepping down and the accusation, however The Australian is reporting that they “can confirm the man is not the former prime minister.”

Detectives from the Victoria Police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit have confirmed that they will be “investigating a report of an alleged historical sexual assault”.

via The Age 

Title image via Getty by Torsten Blackwood