Fans At WWE WrestleMania Can’t See Shit Because Of Powerful Stage Lights

It’s WrestleMania day, folks! Grappling Christmas! The Grandaddy of the All! The WWE’s version of the Super Bowl, etc. And for many folks, it’s the culmination of months of travel planning and a truly absurd amount of money spent on getting to New York City and getting a prime seat inside MetLife Stadium for the annual showcase of professional wrestling’s biggest and baddest. But some got a rude awakening after arriving in the stadium thanks to production lights rigged up for the event that were, would you believe, preventing people from seeing anything.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

Social media has lit up, pun absolutely intended, with punters inside the stadium complaining that the powerful red and yellow production lights are blinding them and preventing them from seeing the ring.

Cop this absolute rude view, for god’s sake.

The lights got so bloody annoying that fans began interrupting the broadcast by chanting for them to be turned off.

During the event’s second match between AJ Styles and Randy Orton, officials finally took heed of the growing fan disquiet and shut the red and yellow lights off. Cue: Absolute scenes.

And while that peaceful resolution lasted for a solid half an hour or so, WWE officials took the quelled crowd as a cue to replace the slightly annoying red and yellow lights with an absolutely blinding white one, somehow cocking everything up even harder than before.

WrestleMania tier one ticket perks: Commemorative cup. Holographic lanyard. Mild retina damage.

Kofi better win now otherwise shit is going to kick the hell off.