‘SNL’ Boys Michael Che & Colin Jost Are Legit Becoming WWE Wrestlers

Following in the grand tradition of [checks notesMr T and [checks notes again] SnookiSaturday Night Live duo Michael Che and Colin Jost are, for reasons beyond most ordinary human comprehension, now set to actually step into the ring and wrestle at the WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania 35 event.

[jwplayer FZAFLiCg]

Jost and Che were already slated to appear at this year’s mammoth WWE event as “special correspondents,” but that took a turn earlier today on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Continuing a strange storyline which began a few weeks ago when Jost quite foolishly asked human tree trunk Brawn Strowman if wrestling was “all fake” and was summarily choke-lifted through an entire commercial break as a result, Jost and Che appeared live via satellite from NBC Studios where they were, somehow, goaded into entering this year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale; a wood-chipper of a match featuring around 20 wrestlers in the ring simultaneously.

Are they the SNL alums most physically-suited to a quick transition to the world of pro-wrestling? Perhaps not; you’d have to think a suited-up Horatio Sanz could run through a few of the slower cruiserweights before being pummelled into a pulp, and I refuse to believe that Jason Sudeikis doesn’t know how to throw a Fisherman’s Suplex.

But with a few rudimentary lessons and a bit of teamwork they could probably get in at least a little offence on, like, Curt Hawkins or someone.

Y’know, probably.

You can watch a botched powerbomb accidentally kill Colin Jost when WrestleMania 35 goes live on Monday April 8th Australian time.