An Argentinian soccer play has copped the singular worst dick-related sports injury I have ever heard of in a game in Spain, with a tangle with a teammate ending with his johnson getting sliced the fuck open and requiring 10 stitches.

Defensive player for second-division side AlbaceteMariano Bittolo, was doing his whole defending thang when a fellow player jumped up next to him for a header with his boot coming down right in Bittolo’s special zone, his studs connecting directly with mini-Mariano.

WATCH: Soccer Player Cops A Boot To The Goolies, Requires 10 Dick Stitches

Bittolo can then be seen stumbling and grabbing his damaged goods, before calling over medical to attend to his bloodied schlong.

The 27-year-old was rushed to hospital where he received 10 fricken’ stitches to his manhood. 10 stitches! Brah. You know what they say about a guy who needs ten dick stitches don’t ya?

Watch the penile disaster go down in the video below and remember to never sport.

Source: HuffPo
Image: YouTube