WATCH: French Soccer Player Trolls Opposition, Scores Super Arrogant Goal

Real talk, arrogance and sporting fields are ordinarily a match made in the heaven.

The truly spectacular plays are more often than not performed by those with the ego to match.
But sometimes – just sometimes – that particular cup runneth over, and the results are hilarious, if not entirely dickish.
To wit, in a French Cup fixture between US Concarneau and Voltigeurs de Chateaubriant, Concarneau striker Herman Koré pulled off one of the more magnificently arrogant scores you’re likely to see anytime soon.
With both team’s goalie’s pushed up the field, a wild Concarneau clearance left Koré with naught but fresh French air between him and the goal line.
But instead of casually slotting it into the back of the net, Koré pulled up and pool cue’d that bad boy in.

Credit where it’s due, that’s a masterful manipulation of the “you cannot be offside in your own half” rule.
But goddamn, Herman. The fact you were able to get out of there without at least one bootprint firmly implanted into your skin is something of a minor miracle.
Source: Deadspin.