Let us preface this article by saying nothing – seriously, nothing – will top the ballistic dunks exchanged between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine during last year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest. 

That’s not a slight on Glenn Robinson III‘s win in 2017, though.

The Indiana Pacers small forward conquered Gordon and a slew of other basketball kingpins at the shootout with a handful of seriously killer dunks. He opened proceedings with some not-at-all subtle theatrics:

He kinda scuffed Round Two, an attempted 360 degree jump that resulted in some rim-bashing, dab-throwing badness:

Redemption followed in Round Three, with a between-the-legs leap that nearly took the head clean off Pacers teammate Paul George. For reference, Paul George is just over 2 metres tall. Fair effort, that:


Old mate evidently saved his best for last, though. Enlisting George once more – along with the fuzzy mascot and a dancer – Robinson chucked an audacious over-the-head slam to end the contest. 

Clock the nervous smile on the woman in front. So much could have gone wrong for her, but the judges were satisfied with Robinson’s risky manoeuvre, awarding him a perfect 50 points:


Bonus marks go to Gordon, who had the audacity to introduce a bloody drone into proceedings. Will we ever see drone assists or mascot-leaping, ball-grazing jumps in the NBA? Nah. But shit, it is kind of alright watching these units wile out on these dunks:

Source: NBA.
Photo: Pool / Getty.