WATCH: Zach LaVine Tells Physics To Jog On With 360° Free-Throw Line Dunk

One of the unforeseen (at the time) benefits of the now-classic duel between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon at this past February’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest – one of the best of all time and a shot in the arm for the flailing format – was that it instantly created a rivalry worthy of a rematch.

And given how bloody good round one was – and it was freaking excellent – the pair now have to seriously step their game up for the second dig.
LaVine, who now has a pair of back-to-back Slam Dunk titles to his name, looks like he’s casually getting ready for New Orleans in February by lazily adding “360 free-throw line dunk” to his already mind-boggling repertoire.
That’s a dunk, from the free-throw line, with a full 360-degree turn involved.
AKA Supa Hot Fire.

Where that gets even better is when you cast your mind back to this past dunk contest and the commentary just prior to LaVine’s through-the-legs free-throw line dunk.

He’s not gonna do that, that’s impossible.”

Those right there are some mighty tasty looking words that, come February, might well have to be eaten.

Aaron Gordon better bring his workin’ boots.

Source: Bleacher Report/Vine.
Photo: Todd Korol/Getty.