WATCH: A Conor McGregor Fan Snuck Into A UFC Presser As A Journo & LOL

Well, here’s something great. In the true and grand tradition of UFC trash talk, a Conor McGregor fan whipped on a collared shirt and tie and managed to slip into the UFC 205 press conference under the pretence of being a reporter, got a mic handed to him, and proceeded to rip the shit outta rival Eddie Alvarez.

Head to 48:48 for the juice.
Here’s a transcript of what he said. Props to him for being able to deliver the first sentence or so in a calm manner before losing his shit and flipping Alvarez off:
Eddie Alvarez, you’ve been mentioning that Conor McGregor isn’t a championship fighter, he only has 2-3 rounds, yet in your professional career you’ve only went to the 5th round twice and lost one of ’em what the fuck are you talking about, motherfucker?!

That’s poetry. For the record, whatever this bloke was saying is not strictly true – Alvarez has been to the 5th round twice and won both of those fights. Still: solid effort.

Source: YouTube.