Here’s Footage Of Conor McGregor Hurling A Hand Truck Through A Bus Window

Conor McGregor is in deep shit right now, that much we know for certain. He may or may not have a warrant out for his arrest and his relationship with the UFC is almost certainly in absolute tatters.

The wild incident backstage at the UFC 223 press conference is the subject of great scrutiny in the MMA world right now, and the footage of it that’s emerged is utterly wild.

Here’s what’s gone down:

McGregor and his camp, reportedly, were set off by an incident earlier in the week involving UFC 223 headliner Khabib Nurmagomedov and McGregor’s friend/long-time sparring partner Artem Lobov. Nurmagomedov and his entourage confronted Lobov over something at a hotel on Tuesday, with footage showing Nurmagomedov grabbing Lobov by the back of the head, slapping him several times in the face.

Subsequently, McGregor – who has not fought for the company since late 2016 – and his cronies stormed their way into the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn at the conclusion of today’s press event and rushed a bus containing Nurmagomedov and his team, as well as several other UFC fighters, just as the bus was pulling out of the building to transport everyone back to the hotel.

That, it’s said, is when all hell broke loose.

Footage obtained TMZ Sports in the fallout of the incident clearly shows McGregor rushing the bus, grabbing a hand truck, and full-on hurling it through one of the bus’s windows.

Holy shit.

Footage from inside the bus also clearly shows McGregor attempt to hurl a metal barricade and a heavy bin at the vehicle as security attempts valiantly to calm the wild scenes.

For what it’s worth, Dana White – who is a promoter, remember – labelled the incident one of the most despicable acts in UFC history.

Whatever the case, if there wasn’t much general interest in UFC 223 this weekend before, there sure as shit is now.