Bernard Tomic’s GF Has Apologised For Whinging About Washing Her Hair In Hotel Quarantine

Bernard Tomic‘s vlogger girlfriend Vanessa Sierra has given a more thorough apology for her recent video in which she had a big old sook about being suck in hotel quarantine ahead of the Australian Open.

It comes not only after the original video, where she complained about having to wash her own hair, but also after claiming on Instagram that she got sent heaps of death threats.

“For the people I offended, I do apologise. I was not intended to upset anyone, it was supposed to be lighthearted,” she said.

She added that she took a little break from uploading because she had copped “so many abusive messages”.

Sierra, who is Australian, had to spend 14 days in quarantine after returning from Tomic’s qualifying match in Qatar.

“My vlogs are intended for showing people my personal life,” she added.

“I don’t think I really complained other than that comment about the food – and I apologise to the chefs, because they actually made a big effort to improve the food, and the food’s amazing now.”

“I also did this blog for the people who did send me abuse,” she continued.

Sierra said that many of the people sending her hate on Twitter had a long history of abusing people in the public spotlight.

“I don’t have negative feelings towards the people writing these horrible things because I know, for a fact, that these people are going through shit,” she said.

For the remainder of the video, Sierra actually spoke quite candidly about dealing with her depression, seeing a psych, taking meds and learning to deal with her emotions.

It’s an open and honest conversation, and good stuff compared to the rest of the drama she’s created in recent days.

Sierra ended the vlog on a lighter note: “Don’t forget to like and subscribe because I have 5,000 dislikes on my channel now.”