Vanessa Sierra, the girlfriend of Aussie tennis player Bernard Tomic, has given her followers an insight into mandatory quarantine as Tomic prepares for the Australian Open.

Tomic, ranked World Number 228 in the men’s league, qualified for this year’s Open in Doha, Qatar.

He is now undergoing the standard 14 days of hotel quarantine in Melbourne that players must complete upon arrival, or in his case, return.

Sierra joined Tomic overseas, so she’s in quarantine with him too.

In a video shared on YouTube, the influencer and OnlyFans creator gave a tour of their hotel room and explained that Tomic hasn’t been able to train yet.

Unlike the players who were on the coronavirus-positive flights, she and Tomic aren’t in a hard lockdown. That means Tomic is allowed to train and receive treatment for up to five hours a day at Melbourne Park.

But due to “some sort of issue”, his training has been delayed.

“They aren’t really telling us what’s going on,” she said.

Sierra explained that there was only space in the hotel room for “minimal yoga”, which is why it’s important they are allowed to train.

Sierra said she and Tomic have been basically playing video games all day.

“I played Pokemon for 11 hours straight yesterday and I think 12 hours straight the day before,” she said.

“Bernard’s been playing World of Warcraft for about the same time that I’ve been playing Pokemon.

“It’s sort of all we’ve got as an option.”

Sierra also shared that the food is a bit of a hit-or-miss, and that she’s had to order Uber Eats a lot of the times instead. This seems to be common throughout hotel quarantine, right now.

Following his qualifying match in Doha, Tomic was asked about his desire to resurrect his tennis career in light of his past behaviour on court.

Tomic was unamused, to say the least.

“I am in Doha, I risked my life flying here, my health, COVID’s around, many sick, with many things that can go wrong,” he said at the time.

“Otherwise I’d be hanging my racquets up. I don’t need to play tennis again, I’ve got enough money – so why are you asking that question? Don’t ask questions like that.”

The Australian Open kicks off February 8.

Image: YouTube / @vanessasierra