Vanessa Sierra, girlfriend of Aussie tennis star Bernard Tomic, has lashed out at Channel 7 for taking one of her vlogs ‘out of context’, saying that she has received multiple death threats over a ‘hair joke’ that she made.

It was only yesterday that we were talking about the fact that Tomic and Sierra have been playing video games for 12-hours straight while in lockdown, but my how things change when the internet is involved.

Shortly after posting a vlog titled ‘Life in the Australian Open player bubble’, a whole smorgasbord of reports came out about what Sierra had to say, seeing as it was some juicy insight into the much-discussed life of Aussie Open tennis players in quarantine.

Sierra did not take a liking to the story, which claimed she thought the “worst part of quarantine” on a personal level was not having her hair washed for 14 days.

The report went on to include a quote from her video, about her hair washing habits:

“It’s just not something that I do,” she said.“I usually have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me.”

According to an Instagram story made by Sierra, her vlog statements were ‘taken out of context’ and Channel 7’s piece was a prime example of ‘class clowns on a witch hunt.’ She then mentions that she gave ‘tens of thousands’ of dollars away to charity, and therefore is allowed to joke about her quarantine experience.

Bernard Tomic’s GF Claims She’s Getting Death Threats After Ch 7 Took Vlog ‘Out Of Context’

Following this was a story that mentioned ‘death threats’ that have been flung her way over the hair joke. It goes without saying that the situation escalated way too fast.

“If people actually WATCHED my vlog instead of going off a news story with incorrect facts they would see I was lighthearted about the entire thing and did not make any complaints,” wrote Vanessa Sierra.

“Didn’t realise how many idiots are in this world, but thank you to all my amazing supporters who still have my back through this.”

Bernard Tomic’s GF Claims She’s Getting Death Threats After Ch 7 Took Vlog ‘Out Of Context’

Anyway, I’m sure nobody is going to be murdered over a joke about washing your own hair, but it sure is wild times over at the Australian Open quarantine.

Truly, are there any tennis players in lockdown that have not made the news for their antics yet?

Image: Instagram / @vanessa5ierra