Usain Bolt Is Now A Living Legend, Says Usain Bolt

How about that Usain Bolt! Earlier today, the guy achieved the incredible Golden sprint double after clinching the 200 metre title from his Jamaican countrymen, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir, at the London 2012 Olympic Final. With today’s victory the aptly named Bolt has become the first man to sweep the 100m and 200m at two Olympics, and told the international press after the race: “I would say I am the greatest.”

Yeah. He’s officially the best sprinter in the world – a true statistically-supported fact that would be even more convincingly true if he DIDN’T SLOW DOWN AT THE END BECAUSE HE’S CLEARLY WON*. Him being awesome is a fact that’s not lost on you or me or the cyclops Logie Award-looking Olympic mascot, and definitely not on Usain Bolt who hit Twitter after the race:

There have been a few disapproving titters suggesting Bolt left the humble part out of #HumbleBrag, but what’s the problem with being proud and outspoken about your personal accomplishments? He also fist bumped the Olympic volunteer holding his tracksuit pants in the marshaling area before the race. You can tell he’s down to earth. Why shouldn’t he spend a little time floating above it on one of the biggest days of his life?

*Sorry for uppercase but DANG BOY. I want to see all of the records get broken. All of the records!!

Photo by Cameron Spencer, Clive Brunskill for Getty Images.