Watch This High School Basketball Game Go From 0 To Final Destination In About Three Seconds

high school basketball viral video

Every now and again there’s a moment in high school sports that just absolutely throws me for a loop. Maybe it’s a mascot getting suplexed to next week by another mascot, or someone absolutely roosting a torp from over 50 metres out – something a teen should not be able to do. But it’s not often that something happens that makes me sit back and go “phwoar, fuck me” like this basketball game from the US has.

A relatively innocent game between two school teams in Alabama went full Final Destination last week, when one kid did a classic alley-oop, held on for a touch too long, bringing half the fucken structure down with him.

Seriously, there’s shattering the backboard in some cinematic moment, and then there’s this pure horror movie shit.

Not just the hoop, not the hoop and the backboard, the entire structure just came swinging down like some kind of terrifying carnival ride dreamed up by that crook tricycle-riding clown puppet from Saw.

The man who tore down the place (quite literally) was Ramsay’s KeShawn Murphy, who retweeted the footage of himself slam dunking away from death or at least certain injury, and told local news about what was going through his head.

“It didn’t feel real at all,” he said to

“I thought ‘why is the goal going down.’ I had no idea that a goal just broke in front of me. It was wild.”

Luckily nobody was injured in the accident – a feat in itself, really – but everyone on Twitter had the same thought; Final Destination director James Wong surely would have been taking notes here for that sixth instalment that’s apparently coming.

Others immediately drew parallels between KeShawn and Shaquille O’Neal, who was notorious for tearing down backboards during basketball games.

Absolutely not. No thank you. Do not like or subscribe to that, cheers.